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Working with objects

Create: "Add" or  "Insert" on the keyboard,
Change : "Edit" or "Backspace" on the keyboard,
Delete: "Delete" or the Ctrl + Delete combination on the keyboard.

Each table has a set of buttons for built-in functions for working with data in the table:

Table row filtering function

Filtering is activated via the "Select" button  and is carried out according to one or more filtering conditions.

Each condition includes a column, a comparison operation (=, >, <, <=, >=, !=, Starts with) and a value for comparison.

To show how two filtering conditions are fulfilled together/separately, specify "AND/OR" after the first condition:


To add a filtering condition, click the "Add" button:


To remove a filtering condition, click the "Delete" button:


To filter by specified conditions, click the "Apply" button:

Group adjustment function

Select the table column for which all values are to be adjusted, click the "Group adjustment" button or the "F12" key, and enter or select a new value from the list. If a filter is applied to the table, only the values of the filtered rows are adjusted.

Table entry counting function

The "Number of entries" button counts the number of entries in the table, or, if a filter is applied to the table, the number of filtered rows.

Summary function

Select a table column containing numerical data and press the "Summarize" button.  If a filter is applied to the table, only the filtered rows are summarized.

Grouping function

To get the summary data from the values in the table, click the "Group" button. If a filter is applied to the table, only data for the filtered rows are combined.

In the "Group" form that opens we set flags for the columns by which to group in the "Group by" block, and we set flags for the columns in which the values are to be summarized (maximized) in the "Sum" ("Maximum") block, and click the "Result" button.


Print and export features

To open the table printing form, press the "Print table" button. To transfer the table data to Excel, press the "Export to XLS" button. If a filter is applied to the table, only filtered rows are printed and exported.


Table settings function

To adjust how the table columns are displayed, press the "Table settings" button.

In the "Table settings" form that opens,  double-click (or drag) the name of the column to hide it or to make it visible. If necessary, save/reset the settings for the current user or all users. Click the "OK" button to apply the settings.

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