To install the application server, IDE, and client, Java version 8 or later must first be installed on the computer.

For the application server to work, it must have access to the PostgreSQL database management server of at least version 9.6. The PostgreSQL server must accept connections using password authentication by the md5 or trust method. You can configure authorization by editing the pg_hba.conf file, as described in the PostgreSQL documentation.

Installing the IDE Plugin

To install the plug-in, Intellij IDEA version 2020.1 or higher must be installed on the computer.

Installing an application server via IDE

Installing a desktop client

Installation in existing Java projects

Installing an application server via IDE

 For an existing maven project, server installation and loading can (and should) be done differently (see below). 

Installing the application server via Maven (only for Maven projects)

If working with a large project, and metacodes are actively being used in it (such as ERP), it is recommended that in the IDEA startup parameters (idea.exe.vmoptions or idea64.exe.vmoptions) the Xmx be increased to at least 2gb.